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Export Activities – IC DISC

If your company exports products that are manufactured, produced, grown or extracted within the U.S., you may qualify for export incentives by utilizing an Interest- Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation (“IC-DISC”). This benefit is also available to engineering firms that design real estate and infrastructure projects outside of the United States. An IC-DISC can provide you with an Income tax benefit up to 15.8% of qualified export income. For example, if you Company has export net income of $10,000,000, utilizing an IC-DISC could lower you overall tax burden by $790,000. There are additional benefits that may be utilized such as deferral of tax on export income, and estate planning benefits. We have experience with IC-DISC’s and can provide the following services:

  • Initial consultation to quantify potential benefits and feasibility
  • Incorporation and setup of the IC-DISC
  • Annual management  and accounting services
  • Preparation of tax returns