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Forensic Accounting and Litigation Services

Experience is fundamental when you are dealing with litigation. At Slater Moffat Associates, our experienced professionals will support you through the difficult accounting, business, valuation or tax issues that often accompany any business litigation. Sometimes, even well thought out business arrangements are not successful, or financial statements just don't make sense. Slater Moffat Associates can set the record straight by providing forensic accounting services to banks, insurance companies, businesses, attorneys and others. We stress a team approach in working with you and your attorney to reach a fair settlement. Our services are invaluable in getting to the facts.

  • Analysis of financial records
  • Assist in settling contract disputes through mediation, arbitration
  • Provide consulting services to attorneys
  • Damage assessments
  • Deposition and trial assistance
  • Provide expert testimony in both civil and criminal litigation
  • Serve as receivers, masters, administrators and trustees