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David Lowen

Photo of David LowenDavid has more than 16 years of experience in public accounting. His spends the majority of his time addressing the tax issues of individuals, partnerships, closely-held companies, estates, and trusts. David specializes in working with family businesses and high net worth clients. In addition, he has experience in the area of estate and trust accounting, where he likes the complexities involved in helping fiduciaries trace how estate or trust funds have been used.

His responsibilities include preparation and review of federal and state income tax returns for individuals, fiduciaries, partnerships, and corporations.

David is a senior manager with Slater Moffat Associates. Prior to joining Slater Moffat Associates in 2016, he practiced public accounting in Washington for 16 years. David holds a certified public accounting license in the state of Washington and is currently in the process of obtaining his license in California. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1997, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. In addition, he earned a Master's of Public Accounting in Taxation from the University of Washington in 1999.