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Robynne Whetton

Robynne Whetton joined Slater Moffat Associates, LLP following the sale of her interest in Payroll People Inc. and Payroll Tax People, LLC where she served as President and CFO. She was responsible for 80 employees in 6 locations throughout California supporting businesses, employers and tax paying entities across the nation.

Robynne has vast experience with tax laws and electronic payment systems to the Federal and State agencies for employer/employment/payroll taxes. She interacted daily with IRS and Treasury units to ensure payment processing systems operated within their compliance requirements. As a CFO, Robynne oversaw the company's accounting unit that provided bookkeeping services and financial reporting support to many of her company's clients. She personally delivered financial presentations to shareholders and boards of directors for these clients and that of her own company.

At Slater Moffat Associates, Robynne provides accounting assistance to clients and acts in the capacity of a contract controller.

Robynne graduated from California State University, Fresno earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration in 1988.